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6 song ideas for the bride's entrance at your wedding ceremony

16th December 2022

Choosing the right song for the bride's entrance during the processional at your wedding ceremony is always going to be a tough decision. At the end of the day it's one of the most special moments in a person's life so you want to get it right, but where to start?

Bride's entrance

Some brides are lucky and have known which song they would play since they were young, but if you're not one of those, don't panic! This post aims to give you some beautiful songs to choose from that will have everyone reaching for the tissues as you walk down the aisle at your wedding, and even if you don't end up choosing one of these songs perhaps it will inspire you to make an even better choice for the bride's entrance.

1. "Songbird" by Eva Cassidy

"Songbird" was originally written and performed by Christine McVie for the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album "Rumours". The Fleetwood Mac version features McVie's voice alongside a beautiful piano and subtle acoustic guitar. The song was also famously covered by Eva Cassidy who accompanied herself with an intricate fingerstyle acoustic guitar arrangement which she played herself. Where McVie's version is light and pretty, Cassidy's rendition is slightly slower and as a result more dramatic.

We've included both versions below for you to compare.

2. "Feels Like Home" by Edwina Hayes

"Feels Like Home" was originally written by Randy Newman for the musical "Randy Newman's Faust" but was subsequently covered by other artists including English singer-songwriter Edwina Hayes and was part of the soundtrack to the 2009 film "My Sister's Keeper" (for more information on the track click here). The lyrics provide the listener with a portrayal of how having that special person in your life provides you with security and comfort, or "feels like home".

Edwina Hayes version features her soaring vocal performance accompanied by a fingerstyle acoustic guitar combining to create a beautiful rendition. We've included our own cover of the Edwina Hayes version of this song below which we've also performed at a number of wedding ceremonies this year.

3. "You & Me Song" by The Wannadies

"You & Me Song" by The Wannadies is a bit of a curve ball for a wedding ceremony but hear us out! It’s a great example of how a slightly rockier pop song can be adapted as long as the lyrics suit the occasion. This indie-pop classic was originally released in 1994 on Indolent Records but was also featured on the soundtrack of the film “Romeo + Juliet”. 

In our version below we’ve slowed it down a little and arranged it for acoustic guitar making it perfect for a bridal entrance. 

4. "A Thousand Years"

”A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri was released in 2011 on Atlantic Records and featured on the soundtrack to "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1". The song is an immaculately written love song with the sentiment of the lyrics revolving around the concept of waiting forever to find the one true love while facing and overcoming one's fears in the process.

The original combines Perri's fantastic vocal performance with piano and acoustic guitar however as you can see in our video below the song works just fine with only acoustic guitar.

5. "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran was released in 2017 on Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. The chord progression of the song takes strong influences from classic songs such as “Stand By Me” by Ben E King and “(What a) Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke, while the guitar picking pattern is similar to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. 

The lyrics of the song are tailor-made for a wedding ceremony or first dance as they describe the feeling of finding the “perfect love”. 

We’ve included a section from “Perfect” in the video below.

6. “At Last” by Etta James

“At Last” by Etta James is a timeless classic song that’s has been played at many wedding ceremonies, and for good reason! The lyrics describe the feeling of finally finding a soul mate while the meandering chord sequence compliments the melody perfectly. 

Released in 1960 on Argo Records (a subsidiary of Chess Records), the song has stood the test of time and it’s certainly been a song we’ve played at many weddings through the years. For more information on the song “At Last” click here.

We’ve included our version below. 

So what's your song for the bride's entrance?

The truth is that music like all art is subjective and the secret is to find the song that means something to you. The song could be the right song for any number of reasons, often it's because the lyrics reflect your feelings towards each other or the situation under which you met or even got engaged. Other times it could just be a song that you both just love.

Our advice would be to do your due diligence and check that the song is something your musicians can deliver. Also it's probably a good idea to think about the meaning of the song and check that it doesn't have any weird lyrics that you may have missed. But the main advice is to follow your heart and the right song will almost choose itself. Good luck in your search!

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