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How much space does a wedding band need?

4th January 2022

When you’re planning a wedding it’s all about the details and sometimes you need that quick answer to a random question that wakes you up in the middle of the night. One such piece of information you might need is often overlooked even though it’s quite important, how much space does a wedding band need?

A 5 or 6-piece wedding band requires at least 15 meters squared usually in a rectangular area of 5 by 3 meters. This area includes space for the musicians and equipment plus some room for the band to perform in. It’s a good idea to also have a dance floor of around 5 x 5 meters or more.

Space needed for other sized wedding bands

Duo - 2 x 2.5 meters

Trio - 3 x 3 meters

Four-piece - 4 x 3 meters

Where should I put the wedding band?

In general the rules for where to put the wedding band are as follows…

  1. Facing the main part of the room or marquee
  2. Near power outlets
  3. Not blocking the bar or buffet table
  4. Not blocking any fire exits
  5. Not blocking catering staff
  6. Not blocking toilet access
  7. On a small stage if possible

Does the wedding band need a stage?

A small stage that raises the band up can be useful to help your guests see the band and to keep the audience from tripping over the band's equipment when they are dancing and have had a few drinks. It also helps to add a bit of excitement to the performance. 

If your venue doesn't have a stage then that’s fine too, we’ve played lots of weddings where there wasn’t a stage and it has never been a problem.

What equipment do I need to provide for the wedding band?

Professional wedding bands usually carry their own equipment and only need to be supplied with access to power points to run their extension leads for the equipment from. Everything else they should have with them including a PA (speaker system) and lights. Indoor venues will usually have these dotted around the room where you’re having your reception but if you are hosting your wedding in a marquee then you may need to check with the venue or caterers that power will be available for the band to use.

The band’s equipment can take quite a bit of space though, for instance a drum kit alone can take 2 x 2 meters and PA speakers are also fairly large with each speaker taking up about 1 x 1 meter and the mixing desk taking the same.

Do I need a dance floor at my wedding reception?

A dance floor can be a great addition to your evening wedding reception and there are all sorts of variations from classic hardwood floors to dance floors that change colours and light up with LED’s. Sometimes these are already installed at the venue and sometimes you may have to hire them in.

You don’t need to have a specially built dance floor when you hire a wedding band though but it is important to make sure there is space for people to dance. As mentioned above this should probably be around 5 x 5 meters for most weddings but smaller weddings will be fine with 4 x 4 meters. 

How much space does an acoustic duo need?

If you’ve hired an acoustic duo for your wedding during either the drinks reception or wedding breakfast then they will only need 2 x 2.5 meters and can probably squeeze into a tighter area if space is at a premium.

Some duos only use one speaker which makes their footprint even smaller and can help when you want music during the ceremony and there’s not much room in the church or venue.

You can find out some extra info about The Duplettes acoustic duo here.


The figures given here are just a guide and bands can usually accommodate slightly smaller areas or no raised stage. If the perfect place to put the band is away from power points then just mention to the band that they’ll need to bring longer extensions although they’ll usually have these with them anyway.

The main thing is to give the band a good idea about the venue when you contact them and also to provide a contact at the venue for the band so that they can check any details directly without bothering you.

The Duplettes are a professional function band available for weddings, parties and corporate events. We have a range of lineups to fit any event including our acoustic duo, cocktail trio and full party band.

You can also find our videos on our youtube channel here or contact us about your event using the button below.

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