"Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" by Klangkarussell ft. Will Heard - Acoustic Cover

Here's our acoustic cover of ""Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" by Klangkarussell.

"Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" is a song by Austrian house duo Klangkarussell and was released by Universal Music Group in 2012. The track was written and produced by the two members of Klangkarussell Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held and was an instant success in Europe charting at number three in Germany and number one in Austria.

The production of "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" is a masterclass in balancing a perfect groove with a dreamy atmosphere while the percussion is expertly crafted combining with delicate and ethereal synths. The song also samples a vocal taken from the German version of the song "Vasas Flora Och Fauna" by Swedish artist Evert Taube.

Since its release in 2012, "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" has become a house music classic and has been remixed by a variety of artists, including Disclosure and Kygo among others. The song has also been featured on various television shows and films including the Netflix series "Stranger Things".

Klangkarussell's "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" is a timeless classic that demonstrates the duo's skill in both songwriting and production.

Here's a link to the original video... https://youtu.be/79YDgv_zWA4

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